We at BacTrace develop portable integrated systems that allow to obtain test results within minutes on site, rather than from a laboratory within days or even weeks. Neither laboratory nor trained personnel is required. The system is designed as a fast, decentralized screening system.

The small size, highly sensitive and validated systems perfectly serve the needs in clinical Point-of-care settings to help making fast triage and treatment decisions, as well as in environmental applications, such as water contamination assessment.

Clinical Tests

BacTrace provides an integrated solution for the detection of pathogens and the discrimination of viral vs. bacterial infections.

Focused on customers’ needs and regulatory requirements, our portable test systems combine innovative biological assays with a reader technology of unsurpassed sensitivity and powerful evaluation algorithms to fulfill present and future demands.

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Environmental tests

Legionella bacteria cause the dreaded Legionnaire’s disease (a special form of pneumonia). The bacteria are transmitted using contaminated water sources. 

With AquaTracer quality control could be carried out daily to improve safety without increasing costs.

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