Environmental Tests

precise Legionella Detection

Legal regulations in Germany state that all more family houses as well as certain business premises (hotels, sports halls, swimming pools and barracks etc.) must be inspected at regular intervals (every 1 to 3 years) for the presence of Legionella bacteria in the hot water treatment plants. 

Legionella bacteria cause the dreaded Legionnaire’s disease (a special form of pneumonia). The bacteria are transmitted using contaminated water sources. So far, technicians from a few large companies take water samples and send them to accredited special laboratories, where the water samples are examined over several days.  In the case of  drinking water, samples are taken by the manufacturers and tested for bacterial growth over several days. During this time, water production continues. With AquaTracer quality control could be carried out daily to improve safety without increasing costs.


AquaTracer finds individual Legionella in a fresh-water sample. It is a simple and fast test for on-site inspections/maintenance of hot water systems, water purity checks in waterworks and  routine quality control. 

The water test can be handled without need for lengthy training. After a few minutes, the device indicates the Legionella concentration in the water sample. Our anonymous reference database compare the results for consistency and plausibility to provide you with a result you can rely on. The data are transferable to your institution’s data system for immediate online documentation and e.g. epidemiological analysis.