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We at BacTrace develop portable integrated systems that allow to obtain test results within minutes on site, rather than from a laboratory within days or even weeks. The small size, highly sensitive and validated systems perfectly serve the needs in clinical point-of-care settings to help making fast triage and treatment decisions, as well as in environmental applications, such as water contamination assessment.

The problem of increasing antibiotic resistance: Infections of the upper respiratory tract are viral in the vast majority of cases (approx. 70 %).  The clear distinction between a bacterial and a viral infection is essential to reduce its misuse. BacTrace develops cost-effective, mobile rapid tests detecting defined bacteria or biomarkers in just a few minutes via specific bacteriophages or antibodies as fluorescence-labelled sensors plus a highly sensitive detection system. The system is designed as a fast, decentralized screening system. Neither laboratory nor trained personnel is required. InfectoScreen as well as ColiTracer are operable by the family doctor or the assistant without the need for lengthy training.

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Our COVID-19 Rapid Test

Our advanced antibody rapid test developed by German virologists and bio-technology scientists quickly analyses a COVID-19 infection via an associated app. Three essential parameters (IgG, IgM and IgA) indicate if an individual is infected, in the recovery phase or already immune.

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